Strut Channels

Strut is usually formed from metal sheet, folded over into an open channel shape with inwards-curving lips to provide additional stiffness and as a location to mount interconnecting components. Strut usually has holes of some sort in the base, to facilitate interconnection or fastening strut to underlying building structures.

The main advantage of strut channel in construction is that there are many options available for rapidly and easily connecting lengths together and other items to the strut channel, using various specialized strut-specific fasteners and bolts.

RamKorp Strut Channels are Rolled out of:

  • Mild Steel Conforming to I.S. 1079; 1994 / I.S. 513
  • Aluminium Conforming to I.S. 737; 1986 &
  • Stainless Steel Conforming to grade 304 & 316

Standard Sizes Raw Material Strip Thickness Machine Forming Speed No. of Roll Stations Un-Coiler Capacity Length of Channel
41 x 41 mm & 21 x 41 mm 1.6 - 2.5 mm 6 - 10 meters per min. 14 3 Tons 1.5 - 6 mtrs.