Raceway Type Cable Trays

Raceways are indispensable for encasing electrical cables in the interior of a home or office without compromising on the aesthetics. While residential applications comes in PVC and wood laminate finishes, industrial and commercial type raceways come in different metals and alloys. Ramkorp manufactures all the popular type of raceways such as Floor, Ceiling and Aluminum Raceways. Aluminum raceways are lightweight, durable and easy to maintain.

RamKorp Ladder Type Cable Trays are fabricated out of:

  • Mild Steel Conforming to I.S. 1079; 1994 / I.S. 513
  • Aluminium Conforming to I.S. 737; 1986 &
  • Stainless Steel Conforming to grade 304 & 316

Tray Width (W) Tray Height (H) Tray Collar (C) Thickness (T) Tray of Raw Material Finish
50 mm or 1000 mm 25 mm to 100 mm 15 mm to 25 mm 1.6 mm to 3.00 mm Mild Steel (M.S) & Aluminium & S. S Hot Dip Galvanized

Powder Coated

Enamel Painted