Ladder Type Cable Trays

Ladder Type Cable Trays are used when thicker and longer lengths of cable have to be supported. These trays have much higher load bearing capacity as well as increased ventilation to prevent overheating of the cables. Ramkorp’s trays come in both welded type as well as nut & bolt type to suit the customer’s specifications.

RamKorp Ladder Type Cable Trays are fabricated out of:

  • Mild Steel Conforming to I.S. 1079; 1994 / I.S. 513; 1994
  • Aluminium Conforming to I.S. 737; 1986 &
  • Stainless Steel Conforming to grade 304 & 316

Tray Width (W) Runner Height (H) Runner Collar (C) Rung Size Rungs Intervals Rung Slot Size Thickness(T) Tray Length (L) Finish
150 mm
1000 mm
50 mm
120 mm
15 mm
45 mm
35x15 mm

40x20 mm

50x20 mm
250 mm
300 mm
20x10 mm Width Spacing
10 mm/15 mm gap
1.6 mm to 3.0 mm 2500 mm or 3000 mm Hot Dip Galvanized
Powder Coated
Enamel Painted

Note: If other than the above-mentioned widths are required the trays can be fabricated as per the specifications by the customers / consultants.