Welcome To RamKorp

RamKorp is a Bangalore-based industrial fabrication and engineering company established in the year 2015. We specialize in manufacture, supply and export of high-quality cable trays, raceways draw boxes, fire boxes as well as their parts and accessories. We are a partner to innumerable manufacturing companies in India and abroad, the civil & construction industry, and facility management companies who rely on these equipment for a safer and more aesthetically pleasing facility.

RamKorp’s strength lies in its strong Design Engineering team, sophisticated facilities for fabrication, a modern assembly line for manufacturing, and a capable Management team who have decades of experience in this business.

Our Products

Let you know our products

Perforated Cable Trays

Perforated Cable Trays are used to segregate cables and are required in electrical, instrumentation and automotive applications.

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Ladder Type Cable Trays

Ladder Type Cable Trays are used when thicker and longer lengths of cable have to be supported. These trays have much higher load bearing capacity

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Raceway Type Cable Trays

Raceways are indispensable for encasing electrical cables in the interior of a home or office without compromising on the aesthetics.

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Strut Channels

Strut is usually formed from metal sheet, folded over into an open channel shape with inwards-curving lips to provide additional stiffness.

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